Genius, a movie on triumph and what it means to be alive.

The story was set in 1929, and began when the successful Scribner editor, Max Perkins (played by Colin Firth) agreed to publish the novel of Thomas Wolfe (played by Jude Law) and started collaborating to edit the book which resulted in commercial success, but failure in life.

Thomas had often been precious with his words and was very much reluctant to delete them, but he agreed to Max’s commands at first. As he got famous, he often complained and screamed at Max that he had no idea how each one of his words was gem.

It was ironic that in the end, Thomas learned the hard way that he had always been good at using words, but he had no idea on what they meant, because he had always been in his own bubble, oblivious to the feelings of those around him, those who truly cared about him. Like his wife told him, he needs time alone by himself, not with his characters.

Max on the other hand, published many books, and he was very clear about what real life is about, seeing the rise and fall of authors. Perhaps the most resounding advice he gave in the movie to Thomas was after Thomas mocked F. Scott Fitzgerald’s inability to write as he used to. Max, angered, told Thomas that he had no idea what Fitzerald was going through, and when he does by being willing to get into his skin, then perhaps his one word would worth five of Fitzerald’s and it has nothing to do with his book being on top of the best seller charts or not….