Everything happens for a reason, even mistakes. Trust in the timing of your life, trust in the mistakes, which may turn out better than planned! Here are the mistakes I made on my train journey to the airport, which in the end, worked out perfectly!

I was in Bangkok, heading to the airport by the Sky Train which would then take me to the express airport train to reach the airport. I dreaded the thought of having to carry the luggage up the stairs at the express airport train station in the heat.

I have 1 hour before the baggage drop off time cut-off and the flight would take off at 4pm. The train journeys would take me about 45 minutes, with 15 mins to spare.

I got on the Sky Train after dragging the heavy luggage through uneven pavements and going the further way to escalators to get to the station. Exhausted, I turned my attention to browsing photos, recalling the happy trip that was soon to end. The train passed through stations to stations and I began to realize that the announcement of the coming stations was unfamiliar. I freaked out realizing that I took the wrong train to the wrong direction and was in a far away place! I would not have enough time to take the train to the right direction again to reach the airport.

At the spur of the moment, anyhow I decided to first hop off the train before the door closed and to my amazement, saw a lift at the platform! Not many Sky Train station has a lift! I dragged my luggage out and took the lift, to my other amazement, I got out on a proper pavement at an ideal spot to hail a taxi! Now, really not many places in Bangkok are like that without some good distance!

Since going by train is not an option anymore due to the time constraint, I decided to take a taxi and bet on the likelihood of not having an outrageous traffic jam in the Bangkok road on Sunday afternoon. I have 45 mins left. Google map says the car journey would be 24 mins, I might just make it.

After several trials, a cab was willing to take me and I reached the airport just in time to drop off the baggage and proceed to the boarding gate while passengers were already lining up to board the plane. Because my luggage was one of the last to be on board, it came out at the luggage claim at the destination airport pretty quickly too!

Thinking about this experience, it made me realized that there are times things might just turn out ok after all. I could prevent this, but when it happened, all I could do was to try my best to shoot at the next best alternative and not think too much about the outcome, and who knows, like many other things in life, it may work out just fine!