Everyone can be great or at least have some fun, but most of the time we are not setting out to do great stuff nor are we having any fun, because of fear. Fear leads us to all sorts of excuses of not putting things into action. Then we just stay stagnent for years, doing the same things, and doing them the same ways, repeating the same promises that we made, blah blah blah

I found some ways to combat fear, and hope to share them with you here:

  1. See things as they are: we often create senarios in our heads and use a bunch of adjectives that scare us. Seeing things as they are is important to minimise the fear and make better decision before diving into action, which hopefully leads to success along the way that motivates us further.
  2. Be clear: getting to know your whys is empowering, once you know why you are reaching certain goals, what your intentions are, you will be more likely to action with clarity and this minimises fear. The key is to be honest with yourself though.
  3. Be a toddler: toddlers are good at execution actually, they just go and do what they want to do when they start to gain that mobility. They can’t really walk, and they’d be sure to fall flat on their face when they started out, but they always get back up and keep walking. Instead of fearing this new activity of walking, they actually can’t wait to try it out, they just go and do it because they think its fun. They are good at motivating themselves too, when they fell a few times, the one time they could walk properly they actually look proud instead of being depressed over the last few times they fell. I think we have this innate pure power in us too.

What about you? Can you share any tips on combating fear?