Chinese single ladies reaching certain age may all have experienced this, girls growing up would watch older single ladies going through this.

Each year, during the Chinese New Year when the festival calls for numerous family and friends gatherings, singles would receive a red packet with money inside from married couples or elders, a tradition that signifies luck and prosperity.

Then, ladies reaching a certain age would be kept being asked, why are you still not handing out red packets?! Now, this is one outbound tourism booster, many of my single ladies friends got sick of answering this yearly question and decided to go vacation instead, skipping the celebrations altogether, despite the peak season hotel and airfare rates.

There is no wrong in being single if you can’t find the suitable person whom you want to spend your life with, or some years of your life with. It should be afterall, a commitment that requires a strong team to go through the highs and the lows. Many married couples should understand this better than anyone else, and give the singles a break.