An interview of a drama actress from Hong Kong inspired me. by the principal of common phrase: what would you do if you are not afraid?

She has lots of experience as an actress, and one day decided to direct a mini stage play of about 10 minutes, just for fun and be creative about it. The drama was a small scale one, and she invited two of her friends to play the main characters. She felt the complexity of the task but because she did it purely for fun, she was entertained and didn’t think much of whether it would be a success or not.

What she didn’t know was, her friends actually thought it was great and submitted the play to an award. And, she won!

She was shocked about this unexpected acknowledgment and has since gotten serious about directing more plays.

I guess we can adopt this mindset when we are trying something new or something we wanted to for a long time. Instead of getting stuck in fear of the possible failures and judgement, we can just do it for fun, and see where we can go from there!

Have you got any experience of wanting to try something new? How did you go about doing it? Please leave your comment below to share your stories!