It took me a long time to have the guts to let go of beliefs and habits that I keep because it felt safe and I thought I didn’t know better, and the mass does.

But, when I witness the transformation of my grandma when she could let go even at her old age and transformed into someone I can connect with as a person instead of a person with a family title, I suddenly realised that actually, it doesn’t matter what age you are in and how long you have been keeping your habits, you can change anytime when you are ready!

Of course, putting this into action takes a lot of guts, people around you feel your change, and you may not be 100% articulate on why you are changing the way you do at first, but I’d say to start the journey is already enough. You will find your answers along the way.

A real confidence booster, though not a common one I hope, was when I discovered I have a month old soup in my pot upon my return from a long trip, yikes! Please keep reading my blog! It turned into a pink gluey paste that one can only have the guts to approach when they are so darn depressed they want to torture themselves with all senses.

But, I remained calm, and I googled the solution. I dropped the content in plastic bags with surgical mask on and ran to get a bottle of white vinegar to get rid of the smell, soaking the pot in hot water with magical white vinegar for more than an hour, and boiled water in the pot again and again and at last, kept a lemon inside with water the whole night. This morning, the pot is reborn!

I am not the kind of person who does much housework at all, and anyone who knows me personally would be amazed I dealt with this killer mess ever in my life.

My point is, we can all deal with something even though we think we can’t at first, but when you have to, you sure darn can, the power is within you!