We all have a set script of our lives, by that I mean how we see our past the same ways. Tonight this changed for me.

I was sitting at home eating my dinner, trying to tell myself a story about my life in my head cause the food was just not that great. Then I realized that I seem to have a set story, for example, I would say, the memories of my secondary school years as fun, free-flow, geeky….

My food was only half finished so then I used a different set of adjectives and came up with something like secondary school years as bumpy, weird, a loner who loves to read for fun so the poor grades  cause I didn’t really study for exams (I blame it on self-fulfillment) …

It is a completely different take and I learnt a lot from it. I am aware that I am in full control of writing my life story, which then would affect how I choose to lead my current and future life based on the alternative beliefs.

This is quite empowering to me and I finished my dinner, I hope you can try it out too and see what happens!