Never ending work, social at our fingertips, endless connections, all these things sway our focus and we get drained out.

The natural next step would be to find relaxation methods to try grab hold of the fleeting peace of mind.

Many people now try meditation, but it is not hard to hear people saying they get frustrated not being able to meditate and this kind of defeats the original purpose.

Generally, it happens like this. We feel we need to be good at every step of the meditation process to relax, and when we fail to remember everything or we can’t control our thoughts during the meditation, we would feel defeated, over and over again.

There is no need to be, because we can make it easier and infuse the principals of meditation into our lives, day and night.

If we can’t do the full set of meditation, let’s just simply try closing our eyes for a few seconds and just breathe in and out evenly, and don’t tell yourself that you are trying to meditate, don’t mention the word meditation to yourself at all, so you don’t react anxiously as you do this, just tell yourself that…. you are breathing.

When you can slot in more of these sessions during different times of your day and it becomes a natural habit to relax when you tell yourself to, then you can try going back to do the full meditation process.

Hope this works for you. Namaste.