I love the hustle and bustle in the florists during this time of the year, you can see many beautiful samples of bouquet displayed for customers to choose from, and the busy bee staff rushing around taking orders and making arrangements.

There are some interesting stories behind these flowers. Apparently, there are some customers sending flowers to various different women, they usually choose the cheaper bouquets because they are buying a lot. Then there are some women buying flowers for themselves, requesting them to be sent to their office so they can pretend to receive flowers. They usually buy the larger, more expensive bouquets. Then there are the regular boyfriends who can’t wait to get their job done, go into the shops pretty quickly and dropped details of delivery and budget without being picky.

How interesting, one commodity with very different customer purchase behavior and price preferences.

I am getting a bit of an itch to sell flowers in best dating spots tonight. It will be so much fun to observe the customers’ dynamics.