Watching CNN’s This is Life with Lisa Ling, the episode on sugaring in the multi-national Seeking Arrangement platform gave a mixed feeling. I personally disagree with this business but the founder of Seeking Arrangement, Brandon Wade appears to be a timid nerdy middle-age guy. When Lisa tried to get rid of something in his hair, he gave a shy kiddy smile.

Sugaring is a term which refers to mature rich men dating usually much younger women, with the mutual understanding that men will pay lots of money and give expensive presents to the women for their accompany. Seeking Arrangement is a well-known platform for this.

Bradon Wade said he grew up geeky and shy in a strict Singaporean family. His mom raised him, and told him that if he studies hard, get rich, he could have a girlfriend with his generosity.

The reality proved different. Brandon graduated from MIT, got 6 figure salary and still couldn’t get a date. So after trying out some dating websites in vain, he started one for people “just like him”.

He appeared to be frustrated and disappointed that he acted on his mother’s advice which he believed all along, yet yields no result, so he strongly justified conducting his business. I wonder if his mother gave him other advice back then, things may change. Instead of linking dating opportunity with level of wealth, she could simply encourage him to improve his interpersonal and presentation skills to be more natural in his communication with ladies. Then, would he be happier and this business wouldn’t have to come about?

I can’t help but wonder…