Yes, that was what I said just now, to my good friend over the phone.

We were shocked to hear myself say it like asking have you had a good day.

The words, the casualness, all shocked us.

Because for as long as I remembered, I always needed reassurance. Now, after going through periods and periods of ups and downs, I don’t need it as much anymore. Because deep down, I know, I can never have enough of it and it’s very time consuming to seek and soak in the comforting words that eat you up again when things don’t seem to work, and you realized that you are back to where you started.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love it when people tell me things are going to be fine.

It is just that I perceive reassurance differently now. I learn to reassure myself instead of outsourcing the function to other people. I reassure myself by working hard to gain clarity and focus on doing the work that would take me to my goals. I know, the magic comes through the work, not the words.

At the same time, I feel grateful that my friends are always here to support me, just when I need them the most.