My friend told me about numerous accidental deaths last night. Her brain scans for them in the news and collects them in her library of memories.

They are awful…

There was a man in Mexico who has a house just beside the hills and in one peaceful afternoon, he was taking a nap in his house. During the nap, a cow was walking down the hill, slipped and crashed through his roof and landed straight onto the man, and he died.

There was another woman in Hong Kong who was watching TV while chopping some vegetables. She was sitting down as she was doing so, and missed the vegetables, in went the knife into her thigh and she bled to death.

There was a tourist trying to take selfies at Taj Mahal, lost his balance and fell backward down the long flight of stairs. He was admitted to the hospital and passed away soon after.

These accidents occurred during the course of everyday mundane actions. Afternoon nap, chopping vegetables, taking pictures during the holiday. We feel familiar with these activities so we feel safe and let our guards down.

What we can try to do is to prevent them by accessing the environment we are in from fresh perspectives, conduct precautionary measures and the most important of all, develop safer habits. Simple example, don’t ever multi-task when you are using sharp objects!

But accidents are accidents, what I got from these stories is that I can certainly control how I feel about my existence, I can choose to spend my days happy and grateful, never forget to have some fun. Because who knows?