Have you ever wondered how garlic can work wonders for you when you eat it or apply it to your skin?

No kidding! Healthy wise, garlic was mainly known for its medicinal properties thousands of years ago back in ancient history times.

Today, it is widely used for conditions related to the blood system and heart, for example, the hardening of the arteries, high cholesterol, and heart attack. It is also used for cancer preventions related to the lung, prostate, breast, stomach, rblood-1813410_960_720ectal and colon.

How about garlic for your skin?

Yes you can include garlic in your beauty regime to get rid of pimples, acne scars, minimise pores and blackheads! The method is simple, just crush some garlic and apply the juice to the needed areas, but not too much so as not to sting your skin, don’t take too much of a good thing.  You can also boil the garlic and rub the cloves to your skin if you find the raw garlic sting too much.


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I am going to start my garlic crazed experiments with the 2 bags of garlic I got just yesterday!