People love asking me this question so here they are!


Change more jobs when you are first starting off: you will get diverse work experiences and learn about different companies’ cultures, which let you have more understanding of what kind of environment you’d perform best in.

Don’t be shy, network and talk to more people: when I first started off, I thought everyone was way more knowledgeable and they wouldn’t want to network with me. Then I learn that many people are actually glad to share their expertise if you are interested, and not only then you will get to learn from them, but you will have good chances of forming a meaningful network and even get mentorship.



Learn to embrace yourself wholeheartedly, and you will have a higher chance of a meaningful relationship: when I was younger, I didn’t know myself enough and I was always focusing on what I mean in an outward sense instead of inward. If you dig deep and take more time and effort to cultivate your understanding and love for yourself, you would have a more fulfilling relationship.

Focus less on work: I was always a bit of a workaholic, and I missed out on lots of quality time with my love, which led to lots of fights. Now thinking back, when you are young, its the best time to fall in love crazy!



Relax, everything is figure-outable: as according to Maria Forleo, the life coach. I have survived all of the worst days and here I am! No matter how despair you feel at the moment, no matter how limited options you seem to have, never lose faith, never lose hope, never stop dreaming. You will be surprised how things will magically work out in the end, if only you take action, step-by-step.


What about you? Do you have any advice to share with your younger self?