Coconut oil is easy to buy, easy to consume and has numerous health and beauty benefits.

Want to learn more?

Coconut oil is known to contain healthy fats called medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs). MCFAs are known to be easily digested and processed by the liver so it and can be immediately converted to energy instead of storing as fat.

What can coconut oil do for us?

The widely known benefits include weight loss as it helps you burn more fat, memory and brain function improvement as it can provide easy fuel to the brain, and anti-aging as it reduces stress on the liver by lowering oxidative stress.


How to consume coconut oil?

It’s easy. You can use put in a teaspoon full of coconut oil into your cereal or yogurt. You can also use it as cooking oil, or use it to bake cookies and muffins.

It is better to use extra virgin coconut oil. Refined or processed coconut oil generally contains chemicals that are no good for your skin and health.


Can you apply coconut oil on your skin too?

Absolutely. You can put a few drops onto your moisturizer cream every day and night and apply as usual.

Coconut oil also makes great makeup base. Just apply a thin layer before your foundation and you will be amazed how nicely your foundation will stick to your skin!

You can also use it as a massage oil and let your skin absorb the oil and wipe away the excess.