Some people seem to be able to do it all, and still get to have some tea, and yet, we are all equally assigned 24 hours! How do they do it? I asked some of my most able friends (some are in top management position by their thirties, some who are mothers) and I will spill four of their secrets here, which are the most commonly repeated answers:

#1 Know when you perform best in the day and stick to killing your tasks during those hours

Some people are just better performers in the day, and some in the morning. What my friends told me is that they plan during their less productive hours and when their productive hours come, they just stick to their plans and kill their tasks with a sense of urgency like there is no tomorrow. They try to religiously stick to this because trying to perform well in your low times just prolongs the tasks, and it takes up the time when you can get some good rest.

#2 Focus

Most of my friends told me that focus is the key, that is because they know if they don’t do the tasks when they have the chance, they may never have the chance. Mothers seem to know this pretty well. If they don’t do their online grocery shopping when their angel is asleep because they didn’t feel like it, their kid is going to wake up crying, messing up the house playing and they won’t have the chance to do the shopping, then they will have no toilet paper in the house, just saying for example.


#3 Try to get it right the first time, don’t redo your tasks

If you redo your tasks, you are spending twice the time on that one task. Stay calm and honour the task with the time that is needed.

# 4 Sleep well, it’s that simple 

We base our actions on our decision, we can’t make good decisions if we are not sleeping well, and of course, we can’t do our tasks well if we don’t have the energy to focus. There is a great TED talk by Arianna Huffington about the importance of sleep, share with you here and hope you will get some good night rest, and wake up productive tomorrow!