Last Friday night, cooking away in my kitchen, I found such inspirations.

For one, you don’t always have ALL the ingredients, but somehow when you have the main ones, you can make do without some or use some other feasible ingredients as the replacement.

In life, when you have the core important stuff, you can always be flexible and go on carve out a life that you want with what you have.

Cooking is about timing if the timing is not right, you overcook or undercook, either case, it doesn’t taste good, but you will still have something to eat.

Life is the same, you can do the work, you still need to do the work, but if the timing is not right, you don’t get the desired result, but it doesn’t mean all the efforts will go to waste, you will still have achieved or learn something, even though it may not be what you expected.

The dish tastes nice if the ingredients and sauces are cooked together nicely.

In life, the work that you do is often a concerted effort of people in collaboration. Everyone, no matter if they are the core contributor or not, plays a role to make something happen beautifully.