Have you the Monday blues? There used to be a time when I dreaded Mondays, and soon, I came up with a few ways to make my week start smoother. Feel free to chip in your tips too 🙂

# 1 Sleep well on Sunday night

Try to turn some lights off, or have a dimmer shades the hour before you sleep to get your body ready for bed time. Avoid using tablets or your phone on your bed just before you sleep. The lights from the screen would wake your senses making it harder to fall asleep.

#2 Plan ahead what are the core must-dos in the week

It is important to stick to a few major tasks that you must complete within the week to have a peace of mind that you know where you should focus your time and efforts on during the week. The tip is to keep the list short, because if it becomes too long, it loses credibility and you will loose focus. So try to be more selective or delegate when the list becomes long.

#3 Try to get some form of exercise

Try to jog or even just walk a bit before you sit at your desk. For example, you can get off the train a stop earlier and walk a few minutes more to your office. Even a little bit of exercise will get you more refreshed to start working away on Monday.

#4 Laugh

Watch the Ellen show as you are brushing your teeth or download an app that churns out silly jokes to read on your way to work. Laughing more on Monday works magic to start the week smoothly.

Did you enjoy the read? What are your tips to beat Monday blues? Please share in the comments below.