Every year, female artists dazzled the Oscars’ red carpets. The fashion they carry on their bodies and the makeup on their faces become an art form when they wear them, giving them life with their form of expressions.

However, it has not always been seen this way. Often, the female becomes the complementing role and viewers focus on the labels rather than the person. Over time, this digs a hole into women’s confidence, gradually and unknowingly.

My friend told me an incident where she met a women in a casual setting. The woman who is the girlfriend of her business client was upset that my friend was there, she said she would have put some makeup on, if she had known she would be there, and throughout the meeting, she just sat in silence, trying to cover her face with her cap.

On another occasion not so long after, my friend was greeted happily by another woman whom she couldn’t recognise. After talking to her for awhile, she realised that the woman is the girlfriend of her business partner. She could socialise as a normal person because she has put her make-up on. She felt confident.

It is quite a pity that the lady, who is the same person, with or without make-up, has a confidence level so tightly linked to her appearances. Nothing has changed between the two meetings, just with or without some colours on her face.