On the past lazy Sunday morning, I was in my pjs watching Christie Auction’s video on Facebook, where they took me on a tour of their London HQ (all dressed properly in the video), introducing me to the fabulous modern art pieces by their colleagues. I learnt so much about the artists’ intention in their artwork and the context they produced their work.

After that, I still didn’t feel like brushing my teeth, so I watched another video on Seth Godin’s interview where he shared his thoughts on why we should, at last, use our voice to share our thoughts and make a difference, because we can finally break free from the industrial brainwashing of conformity if we choose to.

I feel blessed to be living in this digital era. There seems to be a boundless possibility of what I can learn and share for free. If only I have the time.

I decided to set myself a fun challenge to learn something new on a bi-weekly basis during the first half of 2017. The goal is to harness as many new skills as possible. I am guessing something funny would result and there will be laughter here and there as I awkwardly exercise my not-yet-refined skills