My body tells me that it is time for some gym work again, but I dreaded it, partly because it is so cold, but mostly because I am lazy.

I know myself so well, I know that I will only do it if it is enjoyable and effortless.

So I combined meditation concept and learning concept into my gym air walk exercise that lasted for 40 mins, and it worked out quite well for an infrequent gym goer like me!

It was so enjoyable that I outlasted some other people jogging next to me too, and I still feel like I can keep going, the speed of the air walk was also faster than my previous workouts and sweat was pouring down even in the air conditioned gym.

So what’s with meditation and reading while jogging?

Targeting the previous problem I had while jogging, thinking that it is tiring and constantly checking the clock, feeling more tired each time I do so, this time, I distracted myself by putting on my favourite audio book, while I closed my eyes and concentrate on my breathing and just let my arms swing and legs run on the air walk machine.

I needed the audiobook to distract me, and I think it is best the audio has some content that makes you think a little bit for the “right amount of distraction”. I also needed to remind myself to focus on my breathing so that I stayed relax, which in turn, allows me to persist longer. I also tried to automate my body to air walk faster and keep at that speed, concentrating my thoughts somewhere else and it has worked out quite well.

Now I am feeling refreshed than ever without feeling tired! I am planning to hit the gym again the day after.