I don’t usually watch romantic movies, but somehow I felt I needed to give this one a go and no regret, La La Land is mesmerising, no wonder it won so many awards.

You can tell the cast has great chemistry together, it is delightful to see them perform. The story is simple, yet real. It is about a young couple Mia (played by Emma Stone) and Sabastian (played by Ryan Gosling) who want to pursue their creative endeavours in acting and jazz music but faced great difficulties.

The romance runs deep, not because they were kissing and flying to the sky in their dating scenes, but because in times of uncertainty, they were committed and supportive of each other to persist keeping their own voice in their fields, and trusted each other deeply in
their ability to make their dreams a reality somehow, someday.

In terms of endeavours, a scene was particularly inspiring. Mia conducted her first solo performance which she wrote and self-directed. The attendance was low, the feedback was poor, leaving her out of money and devastated. However amongst the few people who attended, there one person from a casting agency who called her back later when a big movie role was available. The lesson here is that if you work hard in what you do, even if you think the task has low impact, you might open doors to other opportunities because maybe all it takes, was that one person who sees your passion and talent and lead you to a totally different place.

Towards the end, through the twists and turns, the movie revealed many different versions of “what ifs” which would lead to a different ending. The different endings are built up of tweaks of here and there at different times of the story’s progression, and in essence, shows the possibilities in life. The big question is, in the midst of all the mess, devastation and glimmer of hope, can you stay true and clear about what is of core importance to you and balance your decisions around that?