No super power needed either. Now we all can all do this, thanks to the nerdy application Blinkist which does all the hard work of reading for us, breaking down non-fiction books’ content into easy readable summarised chunks so that each book takes us only around 15 minutes to read.

This is an application available both on App Store and Google Play with more than 1,800 titles.

The 18 book categories are widely ranged, from ScienceManagement & Leadership to Relationship and  Mindfulness & Happiness . You will sure find something suiting.

You can try out the app for free with a limited number of reads per day, or subscribe for unlimited reads alongside other functions, including audio for learning on the go, based on the plans you choose.

What I love about this app is that it is a central place where I can always find something I never thought I would read about, and have fun reading away with low time investment of just 15 mins. It allows me to spark a more diverse conversation with friends as well with my read about Salt and it’s economics, drinks around the word, and octopus …

Or sometimes when I have more time, I’d explore a topic more in-depth with their curated list based on a topic, for example, 10 Books That Will Change How You Think Forever.

In terms of work, I find this a great source of inspiration for me to connect the dots in the business world and make better decisions with the wider context of knowledge I gathered in this one app.

Highly recommend this, and I hope you’ll have fun exploring.