Hong Kong is a fast-paced city. The city never sleeps, the city never stays the same.

Some districts keep transforming itself to stay relevant, yet manage to keep the old charm, Wan Chai situated in Hong Kong Island is one of these districts. It is modern, traditional, commercial, touristy and local, all at the same time. Everywhere you turn, there is an exciting mix of shops and restaurants that somehow blend together.

Here are my Wan Chai favourite places, each with a special memory.

The Food

The local casual eatery – Kam Fung Restaurant. If I have a day off and need to get to the district, I would always time it so that I can catch freshly baked pies, local style sweet buns and a cup of famous local-style milk tea around 4-5pm ish. I have only ever ordered these items from the restaurant, though.


The local food stalls – there are so many skewers of so many kind around ! I love to buy a few and eat by the roadside, especially during the winter when I am always hungry and just needed to snack before I continue with my shopping.



Wan Chai Computer Centre – you can find anything computer related here, hardware, software, and phone accessories. You can bargain too and I usually look around for the prices of the things I want and pick out a shop to buy all my shopping there so I can get better prices. Generally the further up the centre, the better the prices and the staff tend to be be more patience and spend more time explaining which product is good for your intended use.

Upscale shopping, dining and entertainment complex – Lee Tung Avenue. This is a chic complex has a sort of European touch to it. Sometimes they have outdoor performance events. I once had an enjoyable afternoon with my friends when we listened to a band then had a coffee break at the Japanese coffee bar Omotesando, famous for their expressos.


Local market – Wan Chai Market at Tai Yuen Street. I love this place, even though I don’t need to buy anything from there, I would still pop in. It has an exciting mix of local food, jade accessories, clothes, overseas phone SIM cards, florists, toys and a host of other goods you can’t get your head around why they are there. It is like a trade marketplace wonder land. Lots of locals there, as well as some tourists. It is a fun place to just browse and get to know what the locals eat and use!


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