Hong Kong has lots of massage shops and they are relatively standardised in the types of service they offer, so I mainly look for price and the environment. which usually doesn’t differ a lot either.

However, last night, the masseus taught me, there can be a difference and that difference can attract customers.

Flexibility  offered to the customer – it was my first visit and  I wasn’t sure if I would go for full 45 minutes because some masseus only does a mediocre job, leaving you just as uncomfortable as when you walked in. She allowed me to first buy the 25 mins package and if I like it, then I can continue with the massage and pay for the 45 mins package, I immediately said yes.

Unique service – nothing dirty here! These shops have a few masseus and they all offer the same standard massage. This masseus named Lam stood out. For example, she told me that she, and only she in shop has a massage tool that can really relax my head and started rolling the thing on me. Well, it does feel great! And she went on to say she knows more about head massage than her colleagues because she has experience working as a beautician in Mainland China, where she incorporated massage in her beauty service. I thought, wow that’s unique.

Securing customer contact – she was very proactive to make sure we exchange numbers, I guess she can’t wait to just get her turn according to the massage shop’s roaster, the more guests she serves, the more pay she gets. So she made sure that she gets my number and said I can make my reservation through her instead of the shop and she will make sure she is there. Whereas usually, the masseus has regular one day off, and they need the shop to arrange the schedule, which made them a bit passive. However, this step is only viable after providing good service and gaining my trust of my revisit.

Finally, coming out of the shop, I felt more relaxed and inspired by her proactivity. She demonstrated that even providing a standardised service like massage, you can be a star of it.