I trust you not to spill my secret when I tell you this. One sunny afternoon, many years ago, when I went into my math class late, the teacher said “our champion came”. I had no idea what she was talking about and anything other than running does not give me a champion title in my high school days, so I didn’t know she was referring to me.

But she was, and she said it again, she said I topped the class for a math competition!

I was shocked to the core, I had been failing maths since I was a baby. In kindergarten, I took a long time to count right. Then in high school, my classmates were crying because they scored  80 in their tests and I would cry of joy if I ever reached that mark.

Then my teacher asked me how I did so well. I replied, “it was pure luck”. My classmates thought I was a snob, and they had every right to think so, because the school has students staying up all night but acted as though they didn’t study and score 100 in tests, who would then graduate with near perfect score in open exams.

But for me, I was honest when I said it was pure luck.

Actually, that day when I was doing the math competition test. I was having diarrhea.

I was trying to focus on the test but I really couldn’t. Finally, I just decided to quickly finish it and go to the bathroom. I handed the paper in the middle of the session and the teacher looked at me and asked “are you sure?” and I replied very swiftly as needed “yes, I finished it”

Then walked out the classroom very quickly, but could still catch the surprised whispers in the classroom where my classmates were still working on the paper.

So in the end, when I topped the class with that, everyone was shocked and they thought I am a math prodigy. Best misunderstanding ever. I am just curious how my bodily stress churned out great math results, it’s unbelievable to me and friends who know me well enough to know how great my math is.

Some friends kept telling me that I have some of the strangest experience. Magical things do happen to me sometimes, I am not sure why either but I am amused by them myself.

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