I recently have an experiment with myself to improve my efficiency doing things that I procrastinate doing, such as housework and major cleaning.

I put on a timer and set the time at around short bursts of 30 mins to 45 mins intervals.

This has a profound effect.

What it has done is that it made me think strategically about the end result, for example, what I want the house to look like after the timer has stopped, and when I clicked start, I just get on with it, running around the house cleaning away, and surprisingly, trashing things too as after a few times, it became clear what objects would hinder my next round of cleaning.

This timer experience is great because:

I know for sure I will only do the task within the set time and there will be an end to it very soon.

I no long delay things I must do but don’t love doing.

It allows me to focus on the end result and implement quick actions.

It pushes me to organise my household according to efficiency.

It motivates me to perform better, either to shorten the time span next time or do more with the set time next time.

Note: it work best when you can hear the timer clicking away and you strictly stick of the end time.

Give it a go too, for the things you always want to procrastinate on, it feels so much better when you know there is an end to it!