Last night, I accompanied my friend to the famed “fortune telling street” in Hong Kong, known as Temple Street to have her career fortune revealed.

It has an interesting setting, there are stalls of fortune tellers along one side if the street and opposite, there are tents of people singing karaokes, so you can hear their often out-of-tune singing as you nervously hear the mystery of your fortune being told.

Fortune telling is an art, it is some form of sacred reassurance.  Actually, sometimes, I feel that the accuracy is not so important, but how the fortune teller could give you confidence to march on and perceive your problems differently are most crucial.

I watched as the upbeat fortune teller jotted down the date of birth of my friend and started to do some calculations.

Then, she cheerfully told my friend what kind of person she is, and from that extends to the possible opportunities and challenges that she would face. Frankly speaking, her analysis of her character is quite accurate but she seems to adopt a set format in telling people how their luck will unfold, I wonder if she tells that to everyone.

Whatever the case, I took home 2 lessons:
#1 You can’t control what happens to you sometimes, but you always get to choose how you perceive the issues you are dealing with and choose a set of different vocabularies to describe it. The fortune teller used a different way to tell my friend about her problems in a cheerful demeanour, and yes, it instantly made us all feel better!

#2 Each one of us has unique characters and we have it for a reason. Use that to your utmost advantage instead of denying it and you will feel differently about your future, and be well on your way to work magic even though there are obstacles along the way!