Praise to the internet, we can be productive as long as our fingers are still functional and can think a bit, the mobile phone charged and connected to the WIFI.

Sick to the core these few days, but with a phone in hand, I can buy online grocery, google why I am so ill, entertain myself on youtube, plan my schedule with my phone and wait till I am better to execute them, life goes on.

There are some apps that have home services, like on-demand beauty services, massage services, house cleaning etc. If only I need them too!

I love the health forums and doctors’ blogs, there are so many and you find that your problems are not unique and can hear about what others tried and tested. Even though everyone’s health condition may not be the same and you still need the advice from doctors when necessary, it still gives you a good place to start understanding your situation and how to prevent them.

From that understanding, we will know what to eat and drink less or more.

Health is the most important thing, but when we get used to being healthy, we usually take it for granted, until there comes a time we cannot take it for granted anymore.

I hope we will all do the necessary to keep ourselves healthy, through suitable diet, exercise and amount of work and leisure that is a good fit for our body and mind.