Many of my friends are teachers and their schools have been ever pushing forward initiatives for students to have more creativity and magical innovations.

They try to do this by entering their students to lots of diverse competitions, arrange many ad hoc on-site creative programmes and send them abroad for exchange programmes, near and far every single year.

The end result is teachers are very tired from handling all these activities with piles of administrative work, and ended up spending less time and energy on interacting with their students.

The reason why schools do this is because innovation is a trend nowadays, and schools feel the need to catch up and be known to be that competitive good school which offer all these programs, which on paper, sounds like they did the necessary to equip the students.

Since no parents can tell the immediate effects from such trainings, for the time being, they feel safe to be able to say that their kids went to 10 exchange trips, 100 competitions and in the future, they will be creative.

In reality, such unorganized, busy schedules are keeping both the teachers and students from being creative.

For sure, more exposure can give you more inspirations which could potentially lead to creativity, but to be creative, you first need to be aware, and the crazy busy schedules make you focus on the things at the next second instead of letting you become aware. Worse still, it could tire your brain out and you don’t even want to think.

Aside from being aware, to be creative, students need to develop the habit of solving problems because most of the time, creativity is about generating solutions, but these activities from what I heard, don’t have a focus on that.

I just hope that with all the time and money spent, students actually can take something away useful and apply to their daily lives, instead of getting out of school feeling puzzled doing the things they were told to do. Sometimes, I do wonder if it would be better to just let students have more free time, at least both teachers and students can have a bit more fun.