Not sure if you have this experience. You strive towards something, each day you can only promise yourself hope and faith, but you don’t know for sure, when or how your wishes will come to fruition. So time goes by and you just do what you think you need to do towards your goal, you make the necessary concessions and try to get on with life.

Then one day, as if by magic, your dreams do come true!

Suddenly, all the fear, the doubt, the struggle just vanished. You can’t believe it yourself.

But, although the times of struggle and pain feel so personal and so real, it is not really just about yourself. You see some other people going through very similar things and you can’t help but wonder maybe that is a normal phase of life. Then you want to help and motivate others in the similar situation too, suddenly, this issue becomes somewhat like “us”  instead of “I”. I guess it is somewhat like cancer patients helping other patients through giving talks and organising support group.

And when the success do come, you feel on top of the world for awhile, your ego is loud, but you can’t help but take note that although you work hard for it, you do have the help of many people around you, whether it is a friend who gave you a word of comfort at the second you just needed it or you are able to do the work that you do going towards your goal because so many people before you laid the ground work for it, over a very long period of time. So again, it is not about you alone, and actually you are just one small speck in this long journey.

Then you feel a bit weird, because it seems everything that you do is not really just about you, though it feels that way. Then you start to have a different purpose and attitude. You still possess the tinkles of excitement and fear you always do when you work on things you love, because you got this wonderful chance and you hate to disappoint, but now you do the things you do on another level of consciousness, because it is really not about you (even though you wish they are, especially the successes).

Not sure if I explained this well … feel free to help fill me in if you got better way of putting it. Thanks much for reading 🙂