A 25 year, one-man-band small shop selling genuine leather handbag taught me a new sales tip.

My friend and I walked passed the store and was captured by one of the bags hang on a rack and we decided to go in. The store owner welcomed me and my friend and closed the door behind us, which is not usual.

The store is packed with stacked handbags and with the limited wall spaces, the owner tried to display as many bags as possible. Still, it was not a store I would like to hang out in a long time because it seemed so disorganised and it is not that big.

But my friend and I ended up staying there for more than an hour!

The sales process went like this. First of all, the sales asked us about what kind of handbag we want to use and for what occasion.

Then she started to get to know more about our preferences by showing us a few suggestions and observe.

Then, out of nowhere she would pull out a bag in the stack (really don’t know how she remembers which bag is placed where) and show us something better than we have on our hand! The process of seeing her pulling out the bags are almost an entertainment.

Then she would go on talking about our personality and how that relates to carrying handbag we have on hand, as if she is not selling the product, she is really selling us a lifestyle story.

When she saw that we hang on to the bag long enough, she would go on to explain how her leather is superior and how that makes her bag stay elegant and beautiful in years to come, breaking down the mental barrier of the price stated.

So, you can guess. In the end, instead of buying one bag as planned, after her “closed door consultation”, I bought two at a price that is a bit higher to my liking. But I am really impressed with how she found ways to have high sales conversion rates despite her disadvantage of limited shop space and marketing capacity.

If she didn’t sell the way she did, I would probably just browsed and left in 10 minutes without being bothered to flip through the bags. There really is inspiration everywhere to run a business, not just from the big established brands.