Digital platforms open up a huge space of freedom for companies to voice out their own story directly to their customers at minimal cost.

But getting into the habit of using that voice is still something companies are getting used to as the platforms continue to evolve.

Although there is no one size fits all rule, and it is an ongoing experiment as the brand and platform mature, there are a few fundamental ways to look at effective communication in this digital age.

#1 marketing is no longer a one-way communication

For a long time, marketing means getting a message out and then wait and see what happens, measuring results with limited matrices. However now, it means getting a message out there and see how your audience take that message, make it their own and share it in their social media.

#2 fluid interaction

So in a way, marketing means sparking a connection and an interaction with customers, sometimes it may result in direct communication between the brand and the customers, much of the time, it means sparking connection and communication between customers or the recipient of the message. Hopefully, that interaction may convert potential customers to actual ones. This can be done with good moderation by the company.

#3 storytelling is not just about telling your story

Storytelling is a buzz word which appears everywhere, to make it work for you requires some empathetic thoughts. At the end of the day, the story is only effective and compelling if the story speaks to the hearts and minds of your customers and they can relate to your story, then make it their own story, then they will talk about it with others.

#4 insight is important to tell a good story

Even though we are constantly racing with time nowadays, it is definitely worthwhile to do researches to understand the customers, their habit and their frame of mind when using your products/ services. When you can paint that picture, you are likely to be able to write a relatable, authentic and useful story for your brand. Insight is important, and it doesn’t come overnight. If necessary, stop looking at your competitors’ social media for awhile to block out the temptation to act just for the sake of acting.

# 5 honesty is important, cliche but true

Consumers are smart, they are very knowledgeable and if they follow your stories, they can detect lies in them. Being consistent is important, even if you are selling dish detergents. Often, there are too many other choices for them, they may not even bother to listen to your explanation if they perceive that you lied.