Potential hire goes beyond what looks good on the CV. When hiring, the character is also very important, but it is often overlooked, and causes so much pain for both the employer and employee.

If you can hire a team of people who are open and honest, you can get more feedback quickly and accurately. You spend less time guessing what they mean, and why they say the things they say. You spend less time on politics.

If you hire people who truly care about what they do, you have a higher chance of getting good quality output and you don’t need to always double check their work.

If you hire people who are empathetic, you are likely to get repeated customers, because not only is your service good, but also your product development quality. Your support team will also perform better if they are sensitive to the need of others, without you forcing them to go the extra mile.

If you hire people with healthy self-esteem, you are likely to get confident staff, who are more likely to be willing to take on more challenges without constantly trying to beat other staff and make them feel down. There is such a thing as winning together.

But boss and team is a two-way interaction, this goes back to how the company can foster a safe environment so that people behave in such a manner.

It goes back to how the boss is willing to be open to feedback on a day-to-day basis as well. Appearing to be friendly with the team during company parties does not count.

This requires the boss to take quality time to get to know the staff and be interested in developing them base on their character, understanding that being a boss require them to deliver results on paper, but also develop the people. People development is not only the job of the HR, because you know your staff and his/ her job requirements the best.

This sounds like a lot of work, but it is just the same when you don’t try to enforce a good culture with the right people, it is a lot of work, plus a lot of stress.