Habit is powerful, it shapes your life. It becomes how you see things and how you do things. Often they are habit, not characters because I have seen people changed under very stressful circumstances and live a better life, by developing better mind habits.

Having a positive outlook is a habit. If we replace the negative chatter in our heads with positive ones or even simply allow ourselves to view matters on a blank slate as a habit, we will live more lightly every day, with more courage, self-esteem and confidence. Simple practice we can all do when we wake each morning, is to say 2-3 things we are grateful for, do that for a week, and let the magic of the habit shimmer in.

Being proactive is a habit. Proactively say something about what needs to be improved, what needs to be done is a habit. Initiate a project that is worth doing, is a habit. We can start this habit with the small things. Next time you see there is a better way to organise the clutter in the house, announce it then volunteer to implement the solution. When you do that repeatedly enough, you will become a proactive person.

Getting over negative emotions is a habit. One time my friend asked me why I can keep up my spirits and passion for the things that I do despite the set-backs because it seems they never end, I didn’t have a good answer except that I am used to set-backs and I am used to disappointments. The more I overcome, the more natural I become, the more clarity I gain.

Being creative is a habit. The habit of viewing things from different angles, and coming up with creative solutions can be learnt, and be formed as a habit. From years of experience working with many talented people, I find that they come from all sorts of academic and work backgrounds. However they all have one thing in common, is that they read a lot and they read diversely. The different knowledge opens up their mind and they are able to contribute ideas from multiple perspectives, which is often viewed as creativity.

We have more power than we think to change and take control, by taking control of forming good habits. Never underestimate our ability to lead a better, happier life.