There are a few …

Secret #1 – break tasks up small enough and it can always get smaller, so they are not daunting anymore and may even be able to ask people to help. Bit by bit you execute and before you know it, you are on your way to completion!

Secret #2 – have plan a,b,c keeps you flexible. The thought that you have thought about the possible variations can calm you down too when things do not go accordingly.

Secret #3 – talk to more people about it, your colleagues, your friends, google … so many inspirations out there. It takes a bit of time to sort out the relevance to the solutions as people don’t always know what exactly you are doing and the situation you are in, and you can’t always explain it all, but generally diverse viewpoints come handy along the way.

Secret #4 – keep it simple.Sometimes it is easy to lose yourself in the many details of execution, or keep adding tasks to make it better delaying the deadlines. But keeping things simple, stay focused on the big picture and core outcomes are very important. Establish a few core objectives and only add tasks to the project along the way if they significantly contribute to the objectives.

Secret #5 – clear communication is key. Keep emails short and to the point, follow-up with a phone call to sprinkle in the not-so-important details. It takes extra effort and time, but better than receiving the wrong end product.

Secret #6 – allow yourself break away from it all. Why do inspirations to solutions always come during the shower and not when you are stone stressed at your desk? It always comes when you give yourself space. You have to allow yourself that space and honour that space and if needed, explain to those around you that you need this space.  I think the freedom and lightness in the relaxation state are most productive. Fear and tension are creative solution killers.

Secret #7 – still getting stuck? Think of your role model and think what he/ she would do in that situation?

Secret #8 –  Actually, some tasks do not need to be done