I have used lemons for my skin lately, last attempt to deal with the acne scars and my forever chapped lips, and lemons work wonders!

I have been using numerous products in the past for my acne scars, from foreign to local brand, from expensive to cheap ones, and I have signed up for facial treatments that claim to do the trick but since everyone’s skin is different, they can never tell you how many times of treatment you need and of course, they keep charging you. But by just rubbing lemon against my face each night after washing my face then adding moisturisers, in just a week, not only did my scar faded lots, but also brightened!

For people with more sensitive skin, I recommend spraying diluted lemon water on your face instead. There will be tingly feeling when you apply and that’s normal, but if your skin turns red, stop using it.

Also, my chapped lips are all fine after applying lemon juice on them before I go to bed. I apply usual lip balms in the morning. No more flaky lips after years of trying (I even went to both Chinese and Western doctors for this, still didn’t help, and it drives me nuts when I need to see clients with chapped lips when it isn’t even winter)

After personal positive experiences, I browsed the net and found lemons also clear blackheads, bleach your elbow and knees, strengthen your nails…. this site called Women’s Health is pretty helpful with the overview of lemon applications.

If you are interested in some home lemon DIYs to use lemon as exfoliant and lotion, you can reference wikiHow, which has short videos on the process too.

However, as lemon dries your skin and makes it more prone to absorbing sunlight, make sure you put on more moisturisers and sunscreen when you go out.

Hope you will enjoy your weekend with some lemon treats for your skin and show off your glow!